Nuevo Equipos y Modificación al reglamento del Ascenso MX / New teams and modifications to Ascenso MX

With 14 teams already confirmed for the 2013-2014 season we wait to find out if a 15th team will join the ranks. To go along with the that we also introduce 4 new teams to the Ascenso MX division. The first team comes from the ashes of Irapuato after they were moved with stadium problems. El Zacatepec 1948 will take the place of Irapuato and will play in a new stadium that is set to be completed in July. Until the completion of the stadium Zacatepec has gained permission to play in the Centenario Stadium. The second team to rise come from the Segunda Division team Tecamachalco after they won the promotion in the 2011-2012 season but failed to meet the requirements. Instead a new team, Alebrijes de Oaxaca will take their place in the Ascenso MX as they to await for a new stadium to be completed in July and will play at the Universidad de Oaxaca until then. The third team comes from the ashes of Toros Neza. The Delfines del Carmen will take over the Neza and will play out of Universidad del Carmen for the season. The 4th team is the new Atletico San Luis as the Tiburones Rojos del Veracruz buy their way into Liga MX with the purchase of La Piedad. Now we must wait to find out if the Murcielagos de Guamuchil or the Ballenas Galeanas will move up to Ascenso MX if the winner meets the requirements.

Decio de Maria has also announced new modifications to the Ascenso MX season with the intention of evening up Liga MX and Ascenso MX. Starting today any team that is relegated from Liga MX must either stay a full year or disband the team and any team that is promoted must either stay a full year or disband in order to keep consistency within the promotion and relegation model. Also owners must only own 1 team by the start of 2016 in order to keep their team in the league.


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